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Insta 7 For India

Different types of Instagram posts offer various benefits. For instance, 70% of Instagram users view stories every day. This makes stories a great option for brands to share the most crucial information with their followers.

insta 7 for india

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While Facebook and Instagram advertising work using the same Ads Manager, their respective advertising costs vary (see how much it costs to advertise on Facebook in 2021 here). With Facebook being around longer, having more data, and more ad placements compared to its younger adopted sibling platform, we do find that more often than not, Instagram is slightly more expensive than Facebook in some instances.

For instance, a 30-something mom will use Instagram very differently from an 18-year-old college student. So if most of your audience falls in the 25-35 category, you will need to make a few predictions about their behavior and test out your posting time accordingly. For instance, in this age group, you can assume that most people are office-goers. This means that they are likely to check Instagram in the morning or evenings more during their commute to and from the office. You can then test out the hypothesis by posting around those times and checking engagement.

As you can see below, an estimated 46.2% of all smartphone owners in the US, regardless of age, have Instagram installed on their phones. Brazil, Indonesia, and Turkey are the countries that have the highest app adoption, leaving little room for market growth.

Instagram has a direct line for support - their phone number is (650) 543-4800 - but it's unlikely you'll get a human response this way. And while you were once able to email Instagram support at, that address is now defunct.

Your article is always helpful to us. Even though, i have a health blog and i used and hootsuite for my blog post and sharing to instagram. They offer a free and better services. Your content is always relevant to all niche. Keep up the good work. You are very helpful to all of us blogging.

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Please note that weekend positions with attached stops/limits will not be netted off against existing weekday contracts. In this instance the weekend position will roll into a new weekday position, with the same stops/limits attached.

Similarly, weekend positions will not net off against existing weekday contracts if the weekday contracts have stops/limits attached. In this instance, weekend positions will be rolled into new weekday contracts.

Ushering these updates and changes for both iOS and Android, Meta is constantly on the lookout to make the experience anything but mundane. So, the next time you get a notification to update the app, go ahead, install it and never miss out on capturing that Insta-worthy moment in the most perfect way for your Insta fam.

Currently, users can reshare posts by others on Instagram only via third-party apps. Once Instagram introduces its own reshare feature, there would be no need to install third-party apps to carry out this function.

It will not be an exaggeration if we say that reels dominate our social media feed. Carousel of images, videos or a mix of both with synced audio in the background, reels really do set the trends and make you instantly want to take the ride. 076b4e4f54


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