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The Counseling Practicum And Internship Manual, Second Edition: A Resource For Graduate Counseling S

Even a small library, like the one at Doane University, contains a lot of information on topics in the field of counseling. You just need to figure out how to get to it! This guide was created to take a little of the mystery out of using the library's resources as you begin to do research in this field.

The Counseling Practicum and Internship Manual, Second Edition: A Resource for Graduate Counseling S

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The manual provides information regarding the practicum and internship experience which offers a full range of activities of the professional school counselor and the counseling program at the placement site. Please contact the Office of Student and Academic Services

Professional practice, which includes practicum and internship, provides for the application of theory and the development of counseling skills under supervision. These experiences will provide opportunities for students to counsel clients who represent the ethnic and demographic diversity of their community.

A clinical coordinator assists students in setting up field work and internships, including at the Community Voices Clinic, a local public school-based center, where they can practice counseling skills under the supervision of a Lehigh faculty member and doctoral-level graduate assistants. Students also have opportunities to do practices at mental health centers and college counseling centers.

The faculty seeks to produce counselors who can conceptualize and intervene in competent preventative, developmental, and therapeutic ways to assist a broad cultural cross-section of individuals to improve their understanding, adjustment, and daily functioning across the life span. Students are sought who will both appreciate and embrace the scientific and empirical underpinnings of the counseling field and work to apply them in culturally appropriate ways. The following competency areas adapted from the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC; 2011) are the guiding policy for our CHS training program and serve as the basis for evaluation of student professional progress and readiness for practicum, internship, and professional practice:

This professional preparation program reflects the increasing level of skills and competencies required for certification as a counselor in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as well as new regulations governing Professional Counselor Licensure in Pennsylvania. The M.Ed. program is designed to provide the basic coursework as well as the specialized counseling "common core" coursework, and practical experience and professional concentration for certification as a school counselor in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; as preparation for further graduate study (i.e., doctoral study [see Ph.D. program manual]).

Courses in research, thesis or dissertation work, practicums, internships, or fieldwork are not applied toward this requirement. Complete the Education Worksheet for mental health counseling to determine if you have satisfied the coursework requirements for licensure.


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