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Walk Band Mod APK 7.5.4 (Premium).apk

This is one of the most impressive features of Walk Band. You can set your goals on the app and receive customized notifications to help you reach them. Whether you want to walk a certain amount every day or lose a certain number of pounds, this workout band android has covered you.

Walk Band Mod APK 7.5.4 (Premium).apk

Download File:

The standard version of the walk band Apk is downloadable from the internet. This app is launched by revontulet soft Inc across the internet. The paid premium features of this app are found in the standard version; to access them, you must purchase the musical instruments and other premium features in the app. This free app comes with a lot of extra tools and instruments that you can use at your leisure. There are no limits to the amount of free items you can obtain; additionally, ads are present in this version. Although this version is free, it has drawbacks: users must tolerate ads.

It's the best part of Walk Band. It will send you notifications to assist you in attaining your goals. If you desire to lose weight or walk a certain number of steps daily, the Android workout band can help you.

During making music on the walk band app, you are likely to encounter extremely irritating advertisements. This is where the mods come in! The mod version does not contain ads, thereby preventing them from appearing. 041b061a72


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