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Otto Belyaev

Lil Baby - The Bigger Picture (Official Music Video)

The music video of "The Bigger Picture" is very meaningful. Not only does Lil Baby touch on current issues, but he inserts himself into what is going on. The music video was made during a protest in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Everything that was said in the video had meaning, and so did the angles of the camera, posters, and the way it was filmed. This song heavily related to some parts of "Rap Music." She spoke on how the most used version of rap was violent and aggressive, but it was also very political. Another statement that is in Rose's article states "...their roles as storytellers ensured that rapping would become the central expression in Hip Hop culture."(20) This song is the perfect example to show that she is still correct about today's Hip Hop.

Lil Baby - The Bigger Picture (Official Music Video)

This is a very moving song and I agree with all your points about how Lil Baby tries to inform the audience about social injustice. throughout the music video he performs many acts that show how bad social injustice actually is and how Blacks are actually being treated. The lyrics are also very important and it is a great song.

I agree with many of your points that you made throughout your notes on the music video as they stood for the social injustice that was present and needs to brought up about. I also agree with you on how you think the music video is beautiful as it really addresses the problem within society with police brutality and taking a stand against these things that push another race down and have been for centuries.

Lil Baby has released a powerful new music video to accompany his equally powerful new single which dropped last Friday on June 12, titled "The Bigger Picture" [watch below].

Lil Baby indeed showed us the bigger picture, packed with pathos, ethos,logos, and kairos which allowed us to understand what it is like for him to bea black man in America.I hope everyone enjoyed my remixed version of Essay one. Thanks for stopping by !! 041b061a72


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