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Cheat Engine Rance 6 ~UPD~ ~UPD~

Darkness Hero Rance is a mod for Sengoku Rance created by toufu guy and later adopted by Steve [Monster]. The original intent was to recreate Kichikuou Rance in Sengoku Rance's engine, though focus quickly shifted towards the game's Free For All mode and the single player story is all but abandoned without a single scene made. What resulted was a total overhaul of the base game's mechanics, characters and classes for a unique and new experience.

Cheat Engine Rance 6 ~UPD~

Download Zip:

so i wanna fully experience Sengoku Rance. by this i mean view all the cg's, witness special events, get all the endings, etc etc, but i realize that in order to do this i need to use cheats. well, maybe not "need to use" im sure its still possible to do all these things without them but ive already put so many hours and retries into it that it feels like only a dream at this point. i keep getting the same ending (intentionally) just doing different things so i can gain more of those points that you can use when you start new game+ but i dont get any new ones. even if i complete new events on that one list i still dont get any new ones. so ive thrown my hands in the air and decided to just use a cheat engine. the game is fun but there are points where im just like "Please just lose so i can conquer your country and witness a new event and gain some new allies, before nobunaga kills you."

what i want to know mostly is the cheat to increase troop size. i think that one would be the most useful. i cant find a decent tutorial on how to properly use it so someone could explain to me how it works or lead me to a decent tutorial, that would be great. and if there are any other useful cheats out there, please dont be shy and share.

its fine. at least youre responding and trying to be helpful, which is really appreciated. luckily i was able to figure something out using cheat engine. still a bit confused on it but with a little experimenting ill figure it out, or corrupt my sengoku rance file.

the problem with the troop count cheat is that if i increase it to say having a guy with a million soldiers, itll screw up my country's power. what i wanna know now is how to increase my power. ive been trying to use the same method as the other cheats but to no avail.

Open the game, open cheat engine tell it to load the System40 exe and load the table once the table is loaded all you do is simply check the cheat that you want active then go to the far right double click and change its values

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