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Where To Buy Stockholm Travel Card

Children under 7 years old travel for free with the public transportation system (SL) when accompanied by an adult with a valid Travelcard (SL-card). During the weekends (Fri 12pm - Sun 12am) children between 7-12 yrs travel free on the public transportation system with an adult with a valid Travelcard.

where to buy stockholm travel card

There is a transit fee for passing to and from Arlanda Airport with the commuter train. If you have a valid travelcard (SL ticket) you just pay the passage supplement fee, SEK 120. The passage ticket can be bought at SkyCity, between terminal 4 and 5 before entering the commuter train platform. If you are under the age of 18 you don't have to pay the passage fee at all for this travel from the airport to the city.

It is not a complicated system at all. You can also buy travel cards at tourist information at Arlanda before you leave the airport, just ask. It will also be 20 SEK for the card plus the cost for number of days you want on it.

We were in (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g)document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);)(function()ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-88816503', '');, 'log_autolink_impression');Stockholm over the Holidays - we arrived from Miami via London. By 3pm local time, we made it to the Stockholm Central train station, and tried to purchase a 2, maximum 3 day pass for the local subway (AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik). I spoke to a gate agent at one of the main entrances to the subway in the main train station, who's command of English was excellent. I inquired for a 2 day pass, and he advised that the best they have are 3 day passes. I said fine, and ordered 2 3-day passes. We paid, got the cards, and went on. I didn't bother to check the exact print of the receipt, but boy did I regret that oversight. The crook sold us 2 7-day passes at SEK315.00 each - this translated into a whopping $81 for 2 passes that we barely used for the following 2 days. What a disrespectful way of ripping off tourists on the eve of Christmas Eve, without shame or sorrow. While our trip to Stockholm and Sweden in general was memorable and nice, it is events like this that leave a bad after-taste. Beware of AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik's ticket agents, they may come across as nice and friendly, but they don't hesitate for a second to rip you off. Should anyone be able to trace this transactions, here are some reference points from one of the tickets in question:

Let me explain you how to travel by public transport when visiting Stockholm, travelcards and prices and how to get around by underground, commuter trains, trams, buses and boats as there have been some modifications that simplified the system but still can be tricky for tourists visiting Stockholm.

Public transportation or mass transit as other prefer to call it is managed by the company Storstockholms Lokaltrafik o SL. There are no longer ABC zones into which Stockholm was divided and thus a single ticket covers the entire city of Stockholm and outskirts. You pay a fix price and are able to travel for 75 minutes. Now you are able to travel even to Gnesta, Bålsta or Sigtuna without paying an extra fee.

Notice that this card is NOT the tourist visitor card Go City Stockholm Pass which grants you access to museums, sights, attractions and boat trips. The SL-Access complements the Stockholm card offering a cheaper way to travel on public transportation in Stockholm.

With single tickets you are allowed to travel for 75 minutes and with travelcards during the indicated validity period. 24-hour and 72-hour travelcards work in 24-hour periods, that is, upon activation at 2 PM on a given Monday it will be valid until Tuesday 2 PM or Thursday 2 PM respectively. 7-day travelcards count calendar days. Upon activation at 11:50 PM on a given Monday night it will be valid until 11:59 PM on a Sunday night. Is it so? Yes. It experienced it myself when trying to use the cheapest way to travel to Arlanda aiport and not being able to do it because my card had already expired.

You can buy your SL-Access card at the counter on underground stations, SL-centers and kiosks (Pressbyrån, 7-eleven, etc) as well as at some hotels. If you are looking for a reseller near your accommodation in Stockholm, browse through the map located at Stockholm transportation official website, click on the map on the Symbols layer and choose Sales point to show all of them. In this screen capture I chose two Pressbyrån kiosks located near the central station and Cityterminalen where the airport transfer buses depart and arrive.

Thanks for the useful article. Just some advice needed. We are 4 adults traveling to Stockholm for 5 days. Would you advise a 7 day travel pass or to top-up using an SL-card? We are staying in Ostermalm.

Hello Israel, I am traveling to stockholm tomorrow, i need information on travelling from Arlanda Airport to Tyrgatan precisely, i am not going anywhere else just to tyrgatan and back to the airport. Is it advisable/possible to use the single ticket or SL Access card? And will it be enough to board Pentaltäg linje 40 to Odenplan and bus 4to Odengatan. This is the route google suggested i take.

Hello Sir, Thanks for the important travel information on Stockholm city. I need some more information to plan my travel. I will visit Stockholm and some other European cities with Eurail Global pass. Please advise me whether I can travel by Arlanda Express from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm Central Station with a valid Eurail Global pass without buying any ticket. Secondly, can I travel free in any public transport in the city using the Eurail Global pass or is there any concession on the travel card for Eurail Global pass holders?

Since 2018, there are no "zones" for the Stockholm public transport system. In 2022, you can buy "Travel Cards" that are valid for 24-hours, 72-hours, 7-days, or 30-days with unlimited travel. I've read that this card will allow unlimited travel on the following around Stockholm:

Stockholm's metro boasts 100 stations that can take visitors to various points of interest downtown as well as many areas in the outskirts, between the hours of 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. during the week days and all night on the weekends. There are two types of tickets suited for visitors: zone tickets and travel cards. Zone tickets for zone 1 cost 36 kronor (about $4) and enable visitors to travel as much as they want around the zone until the ticket expires (which is marked on your ticket). Ticket validity depends on the zone traveled (there are three in Stockholm), with some lasting upward of two hours, while others are just 75 minutes. There are also travel cards which can be purchased for 24- and 72-hour time frames. Twenty-four-hour travel cards cost 115 kronor (around $13); 72-hour travel cards will set you back 230 kronor (approximately $27) when purchased at transportation stations. You can get a discount if you purchase your travel card in advance. Both the zone tickets and travel cards are valid on all SL transportation, including buses, trams, light rails and select rail and ferry services in addition to the metro.

The bus system contains a number of lines that make stops all over the city, often servicing areas like the Djurgården neighborhood that fall out of the metro's reach. There are also night buses running early into the morning, which offer visitors a late night alternative to expensive taxis. Fares are the same as the metro as zone tickets and travel cards are valid on buses as well. Standard zone 1 tickets cost 36 kronor (around $4). It's important to note though that bus tickets cannot be purchased onboard.

Ferries service the archipelago's main locations, including the Djurgården and Hammarby Sjöstad islands, providing a scenic alternative to the bus. The boats run year-round and admission to ferries between Slussen (right next to Gamla Stan) and Djurgården are included if you purchase a travel card. Otherwise, tickets to the ferries can be purchased at the quay.

It also has a reputation of being a pricey place to travel, along with the rest of Scandinavia, which is where the Stockholm Pass comes in and can really go a long way to keeping your trip budget in check. 041b061a72


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