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Make Your PC Desktop Come Alive with 3D Live Wallpapers

Say you have just set up your new computer, transferring your data, settings, and accounts from the old one. Instead of a regular old static image on your background screen, you can now change your wallpaper to a cool picture or set a moving video or animation as your desktop background.

High-definition images of cats or your favorite football team are nice, but after a while, they start to get old. With live wallpapers, you get a background that pops and shifts the visual display from bland to interesting. You would be adding an instant extra touch of ownership to your computer.

how to download live wallpaper on pc

Download File:

The Desktop Live Wallpaper app allows you to use any video file on your PC as a live wallpaper. Available in the Microsoft Store, the free app will let you use Windows Media Viewer (WMV) video files as the live wallpaper.

To stop the video playback anytime, right-click the icon in your taskbar and click "Pause/Play live wallpaper". Alternatively, exit to leave the app completely and make your wallpaper static once more.

Available on all operating systems, the open-source VLC media player can play any video format available. It is one of the fastest methods to change your regular wallpaper to live wallpaper, albeit temporarily. You can only use the live wallpaper as long as VLC is open.

If you're leaning toward using video wallpapers more permanently, a third-party app like Push Video wallpapers is a suitable method. Push Video Wallpapers has sample videos and GIFs for you to experiment with when you first install the app, but you can use your videos, GIFs, or YouTube videos.

You can minimize your Push Video Wallpapers window to make it invisible. Selecting "Settings" > "Basic" > "System Tray Icon" will convert it to a system tray icon, hiding it from the taskbar's notifications area. Additional functionality includes a shuffle button, the ability to alter the video intervals, and a volume/mute button. These settings help control audio volume whenever you'd prefer to be working. Push Video wallpapers are one of the most common methods of getting live wallpapers on your Windows 10. Although it costs $10 to upgrade to more controls, the free version is suitable for most users.

Step 2. To customize a wallpaper, right-click on the image and select Customise on the drop-down menu that appears. Here, you can edit parameters such as animation speed and the wallpaper image.

As fun as it is to have an animated wallpaper, there are certain disadvantages to having live wallpapers. Live wallpapers drain battery life faster on a computer that is not plugged into a power source. The images in constant motion on your screen depend on your PC's CPU for rendering, which in turn, causes your battery life to reduce. Luckily, the battery drain is not as significant on newer model computers as on older ones. Live wallpapers also slow down your PC. However, this depends on the specifications of your PC; for lower configuration PCs with little RAM, live wallpapers put additional demand on the processors and slow it down.

One of the less commonly known ways to set live wallpaper on Windows 10 is using the free VLC media player. To do this, launch the video in the player. Then select Video from the menu, and select Set as Wallpaper.

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Another creative live wallpaper app is Plastuer. This animated background app lets you use an animated GIF, video, or even web pages, as your live wallpaper. Plastuer is built on the Chromium open-source browser, so incorporates some of the more advanced technologies like WebGL and Canvas.

Do you want to get a moving background for your Windows or Mac computer? You can easily have an animated wallpaper in a few simple steps. You'll just need to download "Lively Wallpaper" for Windows 10 or 11 and iWallpaper for MacOS Monterey and Ventura. This wikiHow will show you how to download and use live wallpapers for your desktop on a Windows or Mac computer.

Lively Wallpaper download offers a library wherein you can browse and preview wallpapers. It supports real-time and customizable web wallpapers. The hardware-accelerated video playback that the software offers also provides an option to use any of the following external Directshow codecs. These include:

On top of that, you can use the creator tool to generate a ZIP-format file for easy sharing with people. The app also provides full multiple monitor support, which stretches your wallpaper across all your monitors so your setup looks more visually stimulating.

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Make your desktop come to life with vibrant live wallpaper! But, don't just stop at downloading an app or software; you need an endless supply of stunning backgrounds you can download for free. Luckily, we have some top recommendations that will give your PC beautiful visuals without breaking the bank. Here are our picks for the 10 best sites to get dynamic images from. Now, let's turn your home screen into something you can watch and burn time on.

Explore a world of art on this website, featuring endless aesthetic possibilities - from abstract visuals to anime and much more. Whether it be illustration or 3D models, photography or videos, you can access wallpapers submitted by the creative community without any watermarks! Become part of the action yourself with membership rights granting you permission to share your own remarkable works for all others members around globe enjoy.

With DesktopHut, you'll never be bored with your desktop again! Featuring a wide variety of video and animated wallpapers as well as still images, this website has all the options. Plus, no matter what device or screen size - from PC to Mac to Android or iPhone/tablet - they have something for everyone. They even provide dedicated software that lets you customize each monitor however you like and create custom live wallpaper experiences just for yourself!

DeviantArt is not only a platform for displaying incredible artwork from talented creatives around the world, but it's also an amazing resource for free video wallpapers and other visuals to spruce up your PC. With such variety in categories - including anthropomorphic art, paintings, comics, and fan art - you can find unique imagery that perfectly suits what you're looking for! Search 'Live Wallpaper' in the search box on their website today to take advantage of all they have to offer.

Transform your computer and smartphone screens with MyLiveWallpapers! On this platform, you have access to a seemingly endless variety of free dynamic home screen displays. Plus, it's easy to customize the perfect wallpaper for you - just pick from categories like "love" or "scary," get creative with downloadable software tools, and voila: an exciting new look on any device! Whether you'd prefer beautiful landscapes or something more abstract; whatever mood gets your heart racing - that special wall display is out there waiting for its debut...

Pexels offers a wide range of choices and options for anyone looking to spruce up their PC's wallpaper. Boasting not only dynamic images but also live wallpapers, it truly has something for everyone - from traditional horizontal wallpapers to vertical ones or even square designs! Plus you can choose the size that best fits your needs too; whether big, medium-sized, or small.

In addition, the website is distinct in that it offers private collections. Hence, if you make an account, you can save a few of your favorite live wallpapers under your collections. You can then get back to them and download them at a later date to save storage space. Above all, the lock screen displays are in high resolution so you can even get 4K free home screen displays for PC devices.

Pixabay stands apart from other websites with its impressive library of 4K footage and a diverse selection of content. With options for everything from live wallpaper to static images, vector art, music pieces, and more - it's the perfect place for all your creative endeavors! Get access now to high-quality clips guaranteed not to compromise on quality when you download them directly onto your computer.

Give your devices a dynamic makeover with the help of WallPaperAccess! From PUBG to Marvel, The Joker, and anime wallpapers--there's something for everyone. No matter if you're working on a computer or glued to your phone; have access to tailor-made art straight from your fingertips that will upgrade any device screen in seconds.

No matter what you're looking for, WallpaperAccess has something to offer. Their collection of live wallpapers may be more limited than other sites, but it's still worth checking out - their diverse library ranges from natural scenes and abstract art to 3D illustrations and modern tech-inspired designs. Plus, all the images are completely free so why not take a look? There might just be something that catches your eye!

Last, but certainly not least is WallpaperWaifu. It's a live background resource that offers something for everyone - from standard categories like Lifestyle, Mobile and Animals to more specific ones such as Fantasy, Sci-fi, or Pixel Art. There are plenty of selections perfect for sparking those nostalgic memories filled with retro consoles!

WallpaperWaifu is a great resource for high-quality, beautiful live wallpapers that can even add an extra layer of sophistication to your smartphone background. Go beyond just having static images on PC - opt instead for dynamic pieces with higher definition visuals so you don't have to worry about seeing jagged edges or fuzziness! Remember though: using these vivid animations does require a special engine like VideoPaper.

If you have an iPhone and there are videos that you want to turn into live wallpapers, you have options. However, you'll have to first convert those videos to live photos. From there, you'll be able to find the live photo in your library and set it as your wallpaper.


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