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Lambert is one of the many new faces that Season 2 of Netflix's The Witcher will introduce to the hit-fantasy series. Played by Dune's Paul Bullion, fans of Andrzej Sapkowski's novels and CD Projekt Red's video game series will likely know Lambert as the most sardonic witcher from the School of the Wolf. Ahead of Bullion's debut in the Netflix series, the actor sat with CBR for an exclusive interview to discuss his portrayal of the fan-favorite character.

Bullion, who is well-aware of the famous limerick written just for Lambert, talked about his interpretation of The Witcher character longtime fans are hoping to see and detailed how he prepared for the iconic role. Throughout the discussion, he teased a number of exciting things about the show's depiction of Kaer Morhen: the camaraderie between Lambert and his fellow witchers, how Ciri's arrival might shake things up, and the show's biggest monster yet.

I read Blood of Elves first. I went back and read the short stories, and then the great thing was being able to watch Season 1 before I joined. I got cast just before Season 1 was released. There was that great layer of seeing exactly what Netflix was doing with it, and the world that they were creating, which was great. I dabbled in the games because [the] games are very colorful, very bright, and a really engaging way of -- as an actor to be playing a witcher -- what better way to learn a lot of the lore around the monsters and the signs and the rest of it than strutting around the Continent on the game and killing some monsters? It really helped inform my lore knowledge and reading the books as source material was important to make sure I captured it all properly.

The humor that's in there. I've got a couple of friends that I worked with when I was a student, lovely ladies at this bar in West London. They had this brilliant kind of dry sense of humor. They used to always crack me up every evening or weekend that I was working after drama school. [I'd] be behind my bar with these great ladies and their really dry sense of humor. I get that from reading the books and the games. And then, they also narrow it in the show and the scripts. That's what I like about that fantasy world. It's big. It's epic. But there's that real humor in there. That's what I think sets it aside from other fantasy shows it can be compared to. I think they're aware of that humor, and I like that.

In the novels, Lambert seems quite bitter. In the games, they expand on that, revealing that he doesn't want to be a witcher. So what can you say about your own approach to the character?

Most people bite back because of something going on inside and I think he's got his own battles going on. His coping mechanism is to fight back with humor or to completely shut someone down. He's got an avoidant personality. He doesn't want to make a genuine connection with people because he's worried about what that might bring -- he's got trust issues. He didn't choose to be a witcher -- he is one, and he's good at it. So he's got these conflicting things. They're conflicting things going on in his mind. It's not the life he would have chosen, but he's good at it and he loves the people that are around him. He loves his brothers, the other witchers. So there's a battle going on in his head. And I think his way of coping with this inner feud is to make sure there's absolutely no genuine connection with any outsiders.

In the past, you've touched on the camaraderie between the witchers on and off-screen. What can you say about Lambert's place in this small family of witchers and how the off-screen relationships sort of carried over? If it did.

First off, because of what was happening in the world last year -- and continuing at the moment --, obviously, we shut down. Rightfully so. Netflix put everything in place, so we can return to work safely. I felt very safe going back to work, but there was a delay in going back. When we did finally go back, everybody was just so happy to be going, and to have those days on set in the middle of a global pandemic were like moments of bliss in a storm that was happening in the world... There was this sense of everybody pulling in the same direction. What was great about-- I can I speak on behalf of the people that I worked with -- was people were so supportive and would crack jokes, would make each other laugh, or try and keep the mood light because, to be honest, we had a global pandemic going on. We're making each other laugh and that would feed into the scenes.

We are a band of brothers bringing Ciri into our witcher's keep, Kaer Morhen. It was a delight because everybody brought something to the table. So [it] only fed into the scenes in a positive way, really. I have to say everybody -- Basil [Eidenbenz] playing Eskel, Yasen [Atour] playing Coën -- two absolute gents led by Henry [Cavill]. [He] really led from the front. He's in there every day and he was the first to keep the mood light. I think that's really important. I had a really good relationship with Freya [Allen], who plays Ciri. We've got very competitive natures and we would often have that on and off-screen. And again, it just fed into our characters really well.

I think Lambert's place in that is like we've touched on, he wouldn't have chosen to be a witcher. It's not what he wanted to do, but he's good at it. He doesn't trust a lot of people, [so] he's got very deep-rooted trust issues. So the people he does trust, he hangs on to with dear life. And those people are you know, Geralt and Eskel, Coën, and maybe he sees Ciri, played by Freya, as something that could maybe ruin that. He's a creature of habit, I think. And I don't think he likes change. So he's just fiercely loyal to those that are close.

Really, again, because I believe it's the first-ever monster from Andrzej Sapkowski's-- he submitted a short story, initially to a fantasy magazine, and it was the story of the witcher Geralt going in to fight the striga. She's like the first short story. It was really nice to see -- obviously included in short stories and then the TV show -- I just love how high the stakes were going into that fight. You have to keep it alive. You have to keep it alive. It's the most-- it seems really violent: screeching, the power, agility, the speed.

You are Geralt of Rivia, a witcher, a member of a mysterious caste of professional beast-slayers created through brutal training and mutation. Witchers specialize in tracking down and killing monsters. Long gone are the days when beasts lived near human settlements in every forest and cave, and the folk of the Northern Kingdoms held witchers in high regard. The age of elf and dwarf massacres has come, a time when men rival monsters in the evil they do, a time when mutated witchers are regarded as dangerous outcasts, neither human nor nonhuman. Amidst this chaos, Geralt is drawn into a bloody conspiracy. Accused of killing a king, the witcher embarks on a solitary quest to clear his name and uncover the mysteries of his past.

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