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Artemy Kalinin
Artemy Kalinin

I'm Watching YouKeeping Up With The Kardashians...

HOWARD: Well, let me first say that I had every intention of liking this movie. I have seen about a third of Tyler Perry's feature films and was admittedly disappointed more often than not. But I was optimistic about this one, and the reason I was optimistic is because I used to really enjoy Madea. Back in the kind of late '90s, early 2000s, Tyler Perry was writing and acting as Madea in stage plays, and these were filmed and released on VHS and DVD. And back in those days, I was all about it - like, truly. I remember watching with my mom and my grandmother and feeling like I was seeing something that actually reflected a slice of my life that I didn't get to see in TV and movies, this kind of faith-adjacent, Southern, old-school Black culture that was, honestly, not unlike my, you know, cousins or aunts or grandmothers and folks I knew from church. And the plays always had these, like, electric moments and asides of what felt like improvised lines or conversational monologues, and all of that was underscored by a crowd that was engaged.

I'm Watching YouKeeping Up with the Kardashians...

And maybe that goes back to the audience point that you mentioned earlier, J.C. But ultimately, it's just one of those things where I think about if my grandmother was still with us, she would be watching, you know, any Tyler Perry movie that came out. But I'm also thinking about the ways that, like, that would have made it more difficult for me as a Black, queer, nonbinary trans person to engage in conversations with her about the validity of my humanity... 041b061a72


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