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Svyatoslav Silin
Svyatoslav Silin

Thievery Corporation Culture Of Fear Zip

When we look at civil existence we are looking at a world built over the bones of nature, a nature that has been swept aside, plucked apart and ultimately silenced. Such a world does not operate autonomously. It must be constantly organized, patrolled and championed so as to seem real. And fear, like culture and domination, helps solidify it. Whatever disquiet someone experiences at the threat of danger, fear empowers the source of the threat as much as it weakens the target. Since the dawn of civilization, this attribute has hardly been novel to the interests of those who incite fear to show off their power. Even today reverential fear stands for the psychological subjection of an individual by his superior. Power, after all, is maintained with fear.

Thievery Corporation Culture Of Fear Zip

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